Sword Virgins

Sword Virgins is a series of metaphorical photographs, capturing women’s identities at in-between moments of growth. In A Season in Hell, Arthur Rimbaud evoked an adolescent’s moment of “last innocence and last shyness.” My photographs depict women, in groups or by themselves, bidding farewell to that innocent condition. 

The pictures explore feelings of quiet hysteria–fleeting sensations of anxiety, panic and desires ignited by chaotic life in the twenty first century, its rapid pace leaving no time to dwell and grow. The rustic environment acts as a nurturing shelter where women can let go of themselves beyond the limits of time and space. It is a place to actively reflect, not to seek oblivion, a replicated world where fears and consolations take physical form as red peas, burned trees, or bull skulls. The sitters have no choice but to face themselves and become warriors, secure in their own beauty, femininity and individuality. They are not different individuals, but parts of the same person: the Fighting Woman.

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