Sous Le Soleil Arachnidée

Sous Le Soleil Arachnidé chronicles Iman and Lilia crossing the gateway between childhood and adolescence, turning into young women.

Iman and Lilia are growing up. The advent of womanhood is unavoidable. Within this exciting and scary interlude there is a transition, the crossing of a border, a real metamorphosis. As these two little girls undergo this transformation, they search themselves in the landscapes that surround them: a territory of desert and magic, where one can dream up illusions and childish adventures, but for the last time. Iman and Lilia play together, on the verge of the nightmare that awaits all dreams, then become another and linger, serious, in the company of each other. An alliance of mystery is created through the bonds of sisterhood as they travel together across this world in suspension. 


  • 2016 - 2017